2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 20, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

College Fees, 2017-18

Payment of Tuition, Room, Board, Fees, and Other Costs and Charges

All amounts due for tuition, room, board, fees, and other costs and charges must be paid as and when due, and each student is responsible for timely payment. All statements are mailed to the student’s home address. Student accounts can also be viewed online.

The College also holds the parents and/or guardians of the student responsible for full and prompt payment of all tuition, room, board, fees, and other costs and charges, jointly and severally with the student. Arrangements for borrowing funds are between the student and/or parents/guardians and the lending institutions. Any amounts not paid to the College by lending institutions or third parties on the due date must be remitted by the student and/or parents/guardians on the scheduled dates. You are urged to make any necessary financial arrangements well in advance of the dates on which amounts are due to the College.

No student will be permitted to attend the College unless her tuition, room, board and fees are paid in advance. All financial obligations for tuition, room, board, fees, and other costs and charges of a student to all departments or enterprises of the College must be satisfied in full before she will be permitted to receive transcripts, receive a diploma, register for or enter classes in any succeeding term, or participate in Commencement. The College reserves the right to change its tuition, room, board, fees, and other costs and charges at the end of any term. This catalog statement is considered sufficient notice of the time and terms of payment. Statements are sent, however, as reminders, for the convenience of students before each payment is due.

Tuition and Other Required Fees

Residential Students

  • Tuition: $36,520
  • Room and Board: $12,900 (Single room and Green Village additional.)
  • Student Life Fee: $275
  • Technology Fee: $360
  • Post Office Box Rental: $52
  • Room Damage Deposit: $75

Non-residential Students

  • Tuition: $36,520
  • Student Life Fee: $225
  • Technology Fee: $360
  • Post Office Box Rental: $52

Payments Due Schedule

There is a new student reservation fee of $250. This non-refundable fee will be credited on the first-term fees and is due on May 1 for new first-year students, and later per notice for new advanced-standing (transfer) students.

Residential Students

  • Due by Aug. 3, 2017: $25,217
  • Due by Jan. 4, 2018: $24,890

Non-residential Students

  • Due by Aug. 3, 2017: $18,717
  • Due by Jan. 4, 2018: $18,440

Part-Time Student Fees*

Amherst County High School Honors Students

  • $310 per course

Amherst County Teachers

  • $310 per credit hour

All Other Students

  • $1,070 per credit hour

Auditing Fees*

$125 per credit hour

Summer Credit Fees*

Independent studies $500 per credit hour

Overload Fee*

Overload fee $600 per credit hour (over 19 credits in a semester)

* Fees are paid at the time of registration. Our semester fees are based upon each student taking an average of 15 hours for credit per semester. However, the student may take as many as 19 credits with no additional fee. Any credits in excess of 19 will be billed at $600 per credit hour. These fees will be added in the third week of classes and will be due upon receipt of the next statement.

Payment of Amounts Due

All amounts due must be paid promptly at the times specified. Checks should be made payable to Sweet Briar College and sent to the business office.

Refund Policy

Students are enrolled at Sweet Briar College for the full academic session. However, their tuition will be billed on a semester basis.

Students who withdraw before a semester begins will be given a full refund of all tuition, room and board charges less the room reservation deposit. The withdrawal date is established by the date the dean of the College receives the students’ written notice of intent to withdraw. For purposes of calculating refunds, a school week is defined as beginning on Monday and ending on the following Sunday. All refund calculations take into account any charges that are unpaid at the time. Charges for student health insurance, tuition refund insurance, student life fee, applied music fee, special fees and riding program fees are not included in the refund policy calculations. Refund requests must be made in writing to the College business office.

If withdrawal occurs:

  • Within the first or second week of a semester: 90% reduction of tuition, room and board
  • Within the third or fourth week of a semester: 50% reduction of tuition, room and board
  • Within the fifth to eighth week of a semester: 25% reduction of tuition, room and board
  • After the eighth week of the semester: no reduction of fees.

Federal law requires the return of unearned federal aid funds to their respective programs when a student withdraws from the College before completing 60 percent of any semester for which she received such aid. “Unearned” funds mean the amount that would have been used to cover the student’s charges for the portion of the semester she was not enrolled, according to a federally prescribed formula. If, as a result of the return of these funds, an unpaid balance is left on the student’s bill, she or her family is responsible for paying it. No refund will be given to any student who is suspended or expelled from the College for disciplinary reasons.

Applied Music Fee

Music facilities for practice are available for use by students registered for credit or noncredit music courses in the music program and students preparing applied music placement auditions or other program auditions (with permission of the program). An applied music fee of $450 per semester per class will be charged to the student.

Books and Academic Supplies

The cost for any year will vary with the courses elected but in general ranges up to $1,250.

Health and Wellness Center

The student will be charged for any laboratory studies or medications ordered.

Student Life Fund

This charge covers the annual dues of various student organizations and supports other student enterprises. By vote of the student body, a fee of $275 is paid annually by every resident student. Nonresident students pay $225. This fee will be billed on the tuition statement, and is due Aug. 3.

Room Damage Deposit

Each student must make a room damage deposit of $75 by Aug. 3. This deposit will be used to pay for any damage to College property beyond normal wear and tear, and for violations of room decorating regulations. If there are no damages or violations of decorating regulations and the room is left in the same clean condition as when it was first occupied, the room deposit will be refunded.

Vehicle Registration

Non-residential, residential and day students with vehicles on campus are assessed a $150 registration (parking) fee for the academic year.

Riding Program Fees

Students who elect to participate in activity courses offered by the riding program pay an applied riding fee of $1,140 each semester. The riding fee covers two lessons per week and includes some independent riding privileges of qualified students.

Entry-level riders may participate by taking RDPR 158 and RDPR 159. These courses are taught by a student teaching assistant and include eight horsemanship lessons (mounted and unmounted).

Program fees for students using college-owned horses:

  • $1,140 for two lesson a week for a full semester course (includes some independent riding privileges for qualified students)
  • $570 for one lesson a week for a full semester course (includes lesson only and no additional independent riding privileges)
  • $490 for two lessons a week for a quarter term course
  • $280 for one lesson a week for a quarter term course
  • $160 for eight beginner lessons for a quarter term with a teaching assistant

Boarding fees:

  • $3,360 per semester for full board in the main facility ($30 per day) OR
  • $2,880 per semester for cottage board ($24 per day and only eight stalls are available) OR
  • $2,160 per semester for field board ($18 per day and only four spots are available for geldings) AND
  • $560 per semester for the program fee for the required two lessons per week ($20 per lesson). This program fee is required for any student boarding a horse.

Rides in excess of the above contracted rates are $25 per ride.

Late Payment Charge

Fees, charges and account balances for monies owed the College for which no specific due date is mentioned in this policy statement shall be due and payable within 30 days after the date of billing by the College. A late payment fee of 1.5 percent per month will be charged on the unpaid balance of any amounts not received by the due dates indicated in this policy statement.

Payment Plans

As a convenience to our parents and guardians, Sweet Briar has arranged with Tuition Management Systems to handle requests for deferred payment under their plans. In addition, the College has instituted two installment payment plans that allow payments of the comprehensive fee in equal installments over the academic year. These plans are with Tuition Management Systems. Contact them at 800-722-4867 or sbc.afford.com.