2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 21, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Study Abroad

As a corollary to its mission to prepare women to be active, responsible members of a world community, Sweet Briar College is committed to providing all students the opportunity to have an affordable international study experience as part of their education. In addition to Sweet Briar’s historical relationships with universities in Japan, England and Scotland, Sweet Briar students may choose from over 90 study abroad programs or foreign universities in 40 countries around the world in partnership with selected study abroad providers. Sweet Briar has carefully reviewed and selected the programs on the approved list based on academics, quality, cost, safety and, in some cases, historical relationships.

Through advising and support at every step of the way, the College will work with interested students to facilitate an affordable experience which meets their academic, personal and professional interests, needs and goals. Regardless of their major, students may spend a semester or academic year, summer or travel with a faculty-led course abroad earning credits toward their Sweet Briar degree, exploring new interests, learning a language, doing an internship or conducting research. We believe that study abroad affords students a transformational experience of personal and academic growth, complementing their on-campus education and providing the professional and intercultural skills needed for today’s global workplace.



Students must have a 2.7 GPA or above in order to be eligible to study abroad. Most study abroad programs or foreign institutions also have their own minimum GPA requirement for admission. Students with a GPA below 2.7 but above a 2.5 should discuss program options and special considerations with the study abroad office prior to completing the Sweet Briar application.

Academic and Disciplinary Status

Students may not study abroad while on academic probation.

Students on disciplinary probation must meet with the study abroad office. Approval to study when on disciplinary probation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed. Approval will be granted by the dean of the College and the dean of students.

Class Standing

Students are eligible to study abroad starting in their fourth semester as a Sweet Briar College student. For students without transfer credit, this is the second semester of their sophomore year. Most Sweet Briar students study abroad during their junior year. For study abroad during the sophomore year or fall of senior year, a petition must be made to the dean of the College. Study abroad during a student’s first year or her last semester is NOT allowed.

NOTE: Transfer students should be aware that a minimum of 60 credits must be earned while on the Sweet Briar campus in order to graduate from Sweet Briar College.


Students must meet the program’s language requirement, if applicable.

Student Financial Record in Good Standing

A student’s Sweet Briar College financial record must be in good standing or transcripts and fees will not be released to your study abroad program.

Major Declaration

Students are required to declare their major by the middle of the semester before they go abroad for semester or year study.


To participate in study abroad for a semester or summer, students must apply to the study abroad office for approval and then to the program of their choice.


Credit Transfer

Students may transfer up to 17 credits for one semester abroad and up to 35 credits for an academic year abroad. Students must enroll in a minimum local equivalent of 12 credits during a semester abroad. A grade of C- or better is required in order to transfer the credit. The registrar will determine the exact amount of credit to be transferred. These credits will be added to the student ‘s SBC transcript upon receipt of the study abroad transcript and return to Sweet Briar College.

Grades from Study Abroad

A letter grade of C- or better is required in order for credit to transfer and grades from study abroad do not appear on the SBC transcript nor figure into the SBC GPA.

Course Selection and Approval

All transfer credit must be approved by the registrar BEFORE the semester or summer of off-campus study and the student must provide a catalog or descriptive information about the coursework abroad. Courses taken for credit toward the major or minor must be approved by the appropriate program coordinator at Sweet Briar College prior to departure.

International Academic Internships

Students are encouraged to consider doing an international internship as part of their study abroad program, when available. Internships must entail a minimum of 120 contact hours during the semester, include a substantial academic component and local supervision. Prior to departure, students must make arrangements with an SBC faculty member who will review and approve the final paper and notify the registrar’s office of academic credit worthiness.


For all SBC-approved semester or academic year programs, students are billed by Sweet Briar College for tuition, room and board, in the same way as when they are on-campus. A study abroad fee of $400 for semester or $600 for a year will also be applied. These fees may differ from those posted on the foreign university or study abroad program information.

Note: Programs whose fee exceeds SBC’s overall fee will result in additional tuition costs.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most institutional, federal and state scholarship and financial aid is portable to a Sweet Briar-approved study abroad or off-campus study program during a semester/year. Students are encouraged to research and apply for external scholarships for study abroad.

For summer programs students will pay the cost of the study abroad program or university directly. Financial aid is not applicable to summer study.

Students are responsible for all other costs not expressly included in the fee, such as the program’s application fee (if applicable), airfare, passport and visa fees, books and supplies, international health insurance, required immunizations (if applicable), local transportation, personal expenses and optional course supplies and/or field trips/excursions.

Affiliated and Approved Programs

Semester/Academic Year Programs

Japanese Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Japan

This fall semester program offers both Japanese language courses and courses in Japanese culture conducted in English. Some prior knowledge of Japanese is required.

McDaniel Europe in Budapest, Hungary

This program in Budapest, Hungary, is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. All classes are taught in English in a variety of subjects depending on the student’s major and interests.

The University of St Andrews, Scotland

Sweet Briar has had an affiliation with the University of St Andrews in Scotland since the early 1930s. Students may study for a semester or year directly enrolled in this prestigious university.

Summer Program

Virginia Program at Oxford

Students on this six-week summer program study the history and literature of Renaissance England following the English system, combining small-group tutorials with lectures by world-class experts. The program also includes co-curricular and cultural events such as performances at Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London, a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare) and a traditional English croquet match. Successful completion of the program earns students three credits in history and three credits in English and creative writing. Students in any class year and in any major are encouraged to apply.

Recommended Program Providers

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), Worldwide

Through the ISEP Direct program, students may choose to study at universities in 32 countries.

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), Worldwide

USAC offers students a wide variety of programs in 28 countries.

The School for Field Studies (SFS), Worldwide

SFS offers students field- and research-based program experiences focused on the critical environmental issues of today in 10 countries worldwide.