2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Board of Directors

Sweet Briar Institute was made possible by the last will and testament of Indiana Fletcher Williams, which directed that her assets be used to create and operate a women’s college in Amherst County, Va., to be held in trust in perpetuity. Sweet Briar Institute (known and operated as Sweet Briar College) was incorporated as a non-stock corporation by an act of the General Assembly of Virginia approved Feb. 9, 1901, for the purpose of implementing the trust in the Williams will. The College has been operated continuously since that time as a private liberal arts women’s college.

Michael Elliott, PharmD
Forest, Virginia

Marianne “Mimi” Fahs ‘71, Ph.D.
Orient, New York

Kelley M. Fitzpatrick ‘85, B.A.
Mountain Brook, Alabama

Sally Mott Freeman, ‘76, B.A.
Secretary of the Board
Bethesda, Maryland

Bob Goodlatte, J.D.
Roanoke, Virginia

Lendon Gray ‘71, B.A.
Bedford, New York

Fred “Buzzy” Griffin, MBA
Executive Board At-Large Director
Houston, Texas

Martha Holland, ‘72
Alexandria, Virginia

Keenan Kelsey ‘66, M.Div
Larkspur, California

Gillian Munson, B.A.
New York, New York

John L. Nau III, B.A.
Houston, Texas.

Michelle O’Neill ‘85, M.A.
Washington, D.C.

John “Chap” Peterson, J.D.
Fairfax, Virginia

Holly Prothro Philbin ‘95, B.A.
Dallas, Texas

Mason Bennett Rummel ‘83, M.A.
Acting Chair of the Board
Louisville, Kentucky

Stephen P. Smiley, M.B.A
Dallas, Texas

Norma Bulls Valentine ‘93, B.A.
Wagener, South Carolina

Claude B. Wasserstein ‘82, A.B.
New York, New York